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Wherever Yahweh is, miracles happen.  The adversary is not present when we are in Yahweh's Presence.  Since the laborers are so few, we must be able to stay in Yahweh's Presence and do miracles that are swift and instant.  While there is yet time, go back and learn the basics well.  Then advance to this section.  Be like Elisha when he stayed with Elijah (Eliyah)desiring a double portion of Eliyah's Spirit. Elisha ACTIVELY learned from Eliyah.  Make sure you can get some healings using the basics taught on this site.  Communicate and grow, then advance to the miracles section. 

Elder Dr. Binah’s advice: Read and study these scriptures first, before attempting to apply these procedures, so as to have the Word already in your spirit as you proceed. Remember, this is not an intellectual pursuit! You want an intelligent relationship with Yahweh. (See Ch.8, pg.86, Para. 2. Eternity…Time, R. McLean)

Scriptures for the section According to Pattern

“With Yahweh all things are done according to pattern, His pattern, His way.”

John 5:19 Then3767 answered611 Jesus2424 and2532 said2036 unto them, 846 Verily, 281 verily, 281 I say3004 unto you, 5213 The3588 Son5207 can1410 (3756) do4160 nothing3762 of575 himself, 1438 but3362 what5100 he seeth991 the3588 Father3962 do: 4160 for1063 what things

Soever3739, 302 he1565 doeth, 4160-these5023-also2532-doeth4160-the3588 Son5207 likewise.3668

John 5:20 For1063 the3588 Father3962 loveth5368 the3588 Son, 5207 and2532 showeth1166 him846 all things3956 that3739 himself846 doeth: 4160 and2532 he will show1166 him846 greater3187 works2041 than these, 5130 that2443 ye5210 may marvel.2296

John 5:21 For1063 as5618 the3588 Father3962 raised up1453 the3588 dead, 3498 and2532 quickeneth2227 them; even so3779 the3588 Son5207 (2532)

Scripture for the section: “We will enter the Holy Place: “

Where the Candlesticks of Light or illumination (The Holy Spirit bringing, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. [(Yahshua is the light) The Holy Spirit “doth make manifest”]

Eph 5:13

13 But1161 all things3956 that are reproved1651 are made manifest5319 by5259 the3588 light: 5457-for1063 whatsoever3956 doth make manifest5319 is2076 light.5457

Elder Dr. Binah’s Note: In attempting to line everything up with scripture and with other references (Renny, for instance) I list these verses and excerpts as preparation, thus attempting to eliminate any distraction or hesitation during our progress into the Holies and the Holy of Holies. So please meditate on these Scriptures.


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