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On this page we will describe our background and philosophy.
In 1970 a fellow employee (a sister) at Gulf Oil Corporation said: "You are a very smart person, why don't you sign up to teach adult education? They are looking for people like you." I followed her suggestion.  But where would I get my source material what would I teach?  My college major was biology and my minor was speech.  I was in intensive study of the Holy Bible and lo, I found my source material!
I launched my first two courses with teaching two Adult Education classes, one in Hempstead (Effective Speech), and the other in West Hempstead (Beginner Guitar), both in Long Island New York.
Being awarded an immediate certificate from New York University classes were well on there way. 
The students literally raved with enthusiastic praise over the lessons and insisted that I publish the course, lo, I published my first book, "A Handbook For Effective Speech." Students left other classes to be in my class.  The students consisted of minister, doctor, teacher consultant, music composer, singer, a millionaire banker's wife, and people of varied backgrounds.  The doctor insisted on making a comment during class one evening: "I checked out everything Mr. Lowe has been teaching us.  I combed the libraries and research sources. I have learned more in this class than all my twenty-five years of education."
Was I dreaming?  I had no idea that the classes would in any way have this kind of positive impact on anyone!  All praises to our Heavenly Father who heard and answer to our prayers for success and credit for the Holy Bible that was used as foundation for the course.
The continual,  persistent urging of the students swept me into providing a private full time teaching, tutoring and educational cosultant service. 
  It continued for twenty-eight years, until my retirement to take care of my wife in her sickness.  We spent her last weeks together after which my "cutsie" Barbara eventually passed on. We shared
a tremendously enjoyable and happy forty years together serving our Creator and rearing three lovely  children who now help me in this work.
I plan to share with you the rich experiences we received during those years. This includes several trips across the United States as a family by car from New York to California and back, taking photos and videos during all the daylight hours. 
My wife and I travelled, with our two lovely daughters to Seoul Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, and Sri-Lanka for a Festival of Tabernacles celebration.
We landed  in Sri-Lanka, having travelled through Seoul, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia doing Biblical study with some people of Sri Lanka who are of the Israylite tribe of Yahuda.  After performing an exhilarating concert, and Bible study we returned home refreshed and ready to do the work of Yah, HalleluYah.
Our trip to Asia was fruitful. we did some teaching in Singapore, Malaysia, and Sri-Lanka where, the recent Tsunami tragedy took place. 
Next, I joined BDPA, thanks to Liz Hicks, then president of the Los Angeles Chapter.  She invited me to join after talking to her about the trip to Asia.
BDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders (BDPA ITTL) www.BDPA.org arranged for my membership in International Consultant's Guild, a tremendous networking advantage for me.  Otherwise my  need to know and to be recommended by the required seven senior consultants would have passed me by.  Such a recommendation was one of the requirements for becoming a member of the Guild.  Just being a member of BDPA ITTL has networking advantages for anyone who joins.
Networking has become more and more necessary in this high-tech global society, so what are you waiting for?  Join BDPA Information Technology Thought Leaders today. www.bdpa.org (choose the "Pittsburgh Chapter" it's glogal in scope)
Now, as president of the Pittsburgh Chapter of BDPA ITTL, networking has become a major part of my daily tasks, affording an oportunity to further share much of my experience as sole proprietor of my consultant business. 
Overlapping the business career was an intensive Biblical Studies pursuit for over 40 years, beginning in 1960. At the 40th year of Biblical Studies, I was anointed and ordained to minister to the city of Pittsburgh. I have been making preparation for that here during the last 5 years.
The Messianic House of Prayer came into existance just prior to my settlement in Pittsburgh.  My mentor, fellow Elder and friend whose title is Rabbi Yehuda ben Sibbechai, worked with me to establish the Messianic House of Prayer.  He did much work with me to lay groundwork for my doctoral studies.
The teaching, tutoring, and consulting are all based on the Holy Scriptures and has been part of the basic discipline for "self"- improvement courses. 
Preschoolers, Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Senior Citizens from the United  States, Europe, West Indies, Asia and the Middle East have successfully  completed these courses.  It was a rich 28 years teaching, tutoring, and consulting full-time night and day in classrooms, in homes , and in various educational institutions.
It is intend that the classes offered here be an extension of those  taught from 1970 until 1998. Persons coming to this website, will be encouraged to utilize our Computer Assisted Learning. 
During the latter part of the 28 years of teaching, I insisted, for the sake of my students' growth, that they own or use a computer, or just plain forget about taking lessons.  Now that the Web is here this Self-Improvement course has become part of an e-classroom, and continues to have a global influence, but with a greater impact.
Welcome to our website.  Participate and enjoy.
Join at www.bdpa.org and receive a full year's lessons in Self-Improvement, a $768 value!  This offer is only for a limited time so act NOW!
Dr. Stanley E. Lowe
"So may you walk in the way of uprightness and follow the paths of righteousness." Proverbs 2:20   (The Book of Yahweh, The Holy Scriptures. 10th Ed. ) 
Webmaster Dr. Stanley E. Lowe
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Our Mission

Our Information Technology Association and recreation company is here to serve all of your Self-improvement and vacation needs.  Dr. Stanley E. Lowe will use his 28 years experience as an educational consultant in West Hempstead, Long Island, New York to direct this self-improvement course.  He is also a qualified independent travel agent IATA# 10-647-534 with www.InteleTravel.com  
Over the years we have taken our yearly Festival travels away from the stress of everyday life and enjoyed a relaxing and joful Spiritual, physical and mental restoration of peace and tranquility at a most affordable rate. 
It is part of our mission to encourage those desiring self-improvement to travel abroad and overseas.  We are here to serve you in that way also.

We believe everyone deserves their dream vacation. If none of our packages look right for you, create your own special vacation. We are here to serve your needs, and make your vacation one you will always remember.

Our History

Our family has been taking exciting adventures for several years. We understand the travel of many area and we want to share it with our guests.

This year we were honored to be awarded  "Independent Travel Agent" in the United States and abroad by the prestigious Inteletravel Company.