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What are you doing for Yahshua now?


This section  highlights  significant events occurring with us. An example of this is our positive and almost iunforgetable Music Series OF LIVE shows and VIDEOS and CD sound tracks.  Afrika Yetu  presents "Let's Rise Again: ABABIO. by AHVEEKHY www.Ahveekhy.com  The first of the series performed at The Kelly Strayhorn Theatre in Pittsburgh, PA was a huge success. With the help of over 120 estimated exhilarated attendees, the program made available to the public a two pack CD and a DVD of the live show itself. Thank you to supporters
BDPA-Pgh: Black Data Processing Associates
Information Technology Thought Leaders
PGH-BDPA a global member focused organization serves professional well-being of ... Pgh-bdpa chapter has an educational service, established for instruction in ...
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www.mcai-pittsburgh.org -
JAMIL - Retailer, East Liberty, Pittsburgh PA (Supplied /Ahveekhy's most admired Afrikan garment.)
 PCO (Pittsburgh Computer Outlet). pghcomputeroutlet.com
Thanks to everyone who purchased Ahveekhy's CDs and DVDs of this and other progams by Ahveekhy or volunteered their time to make this popular event fun for all.  Thanks again.

Latest House of Prayer News
BDPA our outreach organization has become an international chapter.  VP President Elect has signed up two Ghana students as BDPA members.

I am now spending more time in prayer and fasting for the city of Pittsburgh in accordance with Ezekiel (Yechetzkyah)22:30.
Much emphasis is on getting Spiritually ready to receive the many Yahweh will send for disciples.  The first line of business is getting material ready to explain the Great Commission in further detail.
The Healing School was emphasized first, next the Casting out of Demons was elabofrated and a website http://selfdeliverance.triipod.com was created followed by http://pgh-bdpa.tripod.com/selfdeliverance
We had an experience whereby our registered nurse, RN was quite sure  that a person we were praying for and helping died and through our prayers Yahweh brought her to life again.  The person in question
had no more asthma attacks nor signs of asthma.  Her brother had died of asthma when very young.
Now I am preparing to preach The Glad Tidings of The Kingdom of Yahweh.  All of this in accordance with the Scriptures some of which are Matt 10:1, 5-8 and Matt 28:18-20.


Congratulations to Rachel, founder of  Feed My Sheep Ministries for her appointment as Vice President of Parents Teachers Association in Mount Vernon School System.
Congratulations to Eleazar nominated to represebt his school at Washington, D. C.
Congratulations to Khava and Rachel for their new business success with Ecoquest International.

Pittsburgh, PA