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Professional Well-Being

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A scene from a PCTV21 program, Steel City Sage, Thank You BDPA.  Two sages, both professionals over 70 years of age.  Doctor of Arts Stanley E. Lowe, and Master of Economics William Moore ponder over plans to save a city by way of strengthening it's weakest links.  Both are ministers and acknowledge that it can't be saved apart from the intervention by Father of Lights.      "Every righteous gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of Light, with Whom there is no variation, nor shaddow of turning."  (Yaaqob)James 1:17 -The Book of Yahweh Holy Scriptures)
Both men being BDPA officers for the Pittsburgh Local Chapter, were here considering the BDPA mission which includes, hosting the Annual National Conference. 
The BDPA National Conference assembles some of the greatest minds in the field face to face with peers from across the country.
The National BDPA Conference appeals to African Americans seeking new opportunities for long term Success and a properous future.  The Conference serves as a catalyst for, Information Technology Professionals, Entrepreneurs, IT Seniors Managers, Youth High Schools Students, College Students, Corporations, Educational Institutions, and Government Agencies to come and share information technology experiences for professional growth and trechnical development.  THE ANNUAL NATIONAL CONFERENCE IS BDPA's LARGEST PROFESSIONAL NETWORKING OPPORTUNITY OF THE YEAR.
Professionals and Executives: Get
access to mentoring, professional
coaching, certified training, job
placement and other valuable
Maximize networking opportunities
locally and nationally to build the
connections you need to advance
your career.
Today BDPA hosts over 40 chapters
nationwide and has a member base of
more than 2,500 strong.
BDPA provides a number of services
and networking opportunities for
success in the IT profession.
Members find the publications,
conferences and programs helpful by
providing professional development
and exposure to the latest advances
in the IT industry.
Through our on-line Job Data bank
and career fairs, BDPA links IT
hopefuls and professionals with
businesses who need them.

Steel City Sages on the air at PCTV 21 studio
StanLowe, Dr.Arts, left, and Bill Moore,ME., right, planning together

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