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PCTV21 "SteelCitySage Bridging the GapThanks BDPA"
Guest: Mr. William Moore, Philanthropist, Teacher, Checker Grand Master & Chess Teacher


What's going on with the people we love?  Here we might add a strategy  including such information as when and where outreach is to be taken and why it's important for this city.   Steel City Sage---Bridging the Gap!  Thank You BDPA and PCTV21.  And Most of all our Heavenly Father!!!
One conclusion we have reached: We need many more entrepreneurs and we are here to help and encourage anyone who wants our assistance.  See some of the opportunities we have collaborated with top corporations to be a part of your success.
Come on let's do it!  You can do it!  Read about our success record in Dr. Stan's "mini-bio" in these pages.

Steel City Sages on the air at PCTV 21 studio
StanLowe, Dr.Arts, left, and Bill Moore,ME., right, planning together

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