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Supporters and Sponsors are major
components of BDPA's success. We
publish a comprehensive corporate
sponsorship portfolio. Established
to develop formal alliances that
involve America more closely, 
BDPA's  programs, activities and
goals aim for success.
Here are some excerpts from BDPA's  comprehensive corporate sponsorship portfolio for your convenience and information:Under the heading "BDPA Corporate Sponsorship Program Rationale," 
"BDPA realizes its mission and objectives by delivering programs and activities in the local chapter and at the national level.
These life long learning programs are designed to take the member from the classroom to the boardroom.
The major funding sources for the chapter are fund raising events like the Annual Awards Banquet described below, in-kind corporate support, corporate sponsorships, membership dues, and grants from the BDPA Education and Technology Foundation (BETF). 
The major funding sources for National BDPA are annual conference, membership dues and corporate sponsorships.
In order pull together all the components of a successful program, BDPA partners with corporations, associations and other strategic alliance partners, but by far, corporate support is a major component of BDPA's success. 
The National Corporate Sponsorship Program was established to develop formal alliances that involve Corporate America more closely with BDPA programs, activities, and goals. 
Corporate sponsors not only offer financial support but also participate in programs developed to enhance the technical and professional skills of the community.  The investment in BDPA creates positive exposure to a technically diverse membership of African-American Information Technology professionals and students.
The program is designed to offer corporations an opportunity to partnership with BDPA to meet corporate goals and objectives for recruiting, employee development, philanthropic endeavors and enhanced image in the African American Community.  The program is offered to all corporations with a sincere interest in pursuing the vision, mission, objectives and goals of BDPA.

  See some of the opportunities we have collaborated with top corporations to be a part of your success.

Steel City Sages on the air at PCTV 21 studio
StanLowe, Dr.Arts, left, and Bill Moore,ME., right, planning together


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PCTV21 "SteelCitySage Bridging the GapThanks BDPA"
Guest: Mr. William Moore, Philanthropist, Teacher, Checker Grand Master & Chess Teacher

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